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Poster: TL7 Date: Sep 4, 2019 6:50am
Forum: movies Subject: YouTube archives: no new uploads?

There have been no new videos for a very long time here:
* (last active: May 2018)
* (last active: June 2018)
* (active in June 2019, but mostly unavailable for download)

It is possible that they have still been downloading videos meanwhile, but when will those videos be made available?
The archival of the videos would be more purposeful then.

Not only new channels, but from many channels that already exist in the collections, more videos have been removed.

I am not criticising anyone, I am only asking for the reasons behind it.
Why have there not been many videos in the collections for a long time?
Are there technical issues?
Or is it normal?
And when will the next batch of videos be uploaded to the Internet Archive?

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Poster: TL7 Date: Sep 4, 2019 6:53am
Forum: movies Subject: “VideoBot” is inactive too.

“VideoBot” ( ) has been previously active in June 2018 as well.